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Brand Store for Amazon

Your Brand Store on Amazon

As a unique online shop on Amazon, the Brand Store showcases your brand. Eye catching content highlights products, and makes your portfolio more approachable for your customers. Furthermore, an Amazon Brand Store extends your traffic potential. Like A+ content, fragments from the Brand Store are indexed by Google and are therefore also accessible via Google. 

Higher Conversion Rate

Purely through the search, customers do not get to see the entire product assortment. That being said, the Amazon Brand Store can give a direct and appealing impression of the brand and allow the customer to discover additional products.

Premium product presentation

With large images and storytelling content, the product is portrayed at its best. This means more information for the customer - and an easier decision to make a purchase.

Encounter the brand world

Give the customer the opportunity to fully experience all your products. Your product is the reason why someone visits the Brand Store, and there is no competitor.

In synergy with advertising

In combination with Sponsored Brands Ads, the Brand Store serves as a landing page for the customer. The customer is directed to the product page in a controlled process. This offers potential for up-selling and cross-selling.

Brand Store Advantages

You are providing Amazon customers with a store-like feel when using the Brand Store. There are no distractions from competitors, and a visually appealing assortment promotes customer loyalty and sales.

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