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Advertising for Amazon DSP

Amazon Demand Side Platform

Amazon is not the only website where potential customers can be accessed. To reach target groups outside the Amazon platform, Amazon offers the "Amazon DSP or Programmatic Advertising" solution. The abbreviation DSP stands for "Demand Side Platform", which enables our Programmatic Advertising team to place targeted bids for advertising space (displays) on other websites. This allows us to expand our reach and target potential customers outside of Amazon.


Advertising for Amazon in numbers *Italian customer, Report May 2023



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Specific Target Groups

We effectively target the proper audience based on shopping behavior, age, interests, and many other criteria.

Strategic Analysis

With Amazon Audience Insights, we gain data-based insights on target audiences and unlock new buyer personas.

Secure Playout

Amazon guarantees a secure advertising environment through technical and external solutions via the Amazon network.

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Amazon Partner Program

As an official Amazon Advertising Partner, we offer access to the Amazon DSP Network. Certified, audited and verified by experience.


Reach customers who indicate their intention to buy. Data-driven and AI supported in-market targeting of DSP turns users into customers.

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Programmatic Advertising on Amazon

Are you looking for an agency for DSP Advertising and information about the effective use of Amazon DSP as well as the right targeting concepts for your company? We outline the options available and accompany you on your journey to greater success.