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Monitoring and Reporting for Amazon

Insights & Analytics for Amazon

Always up-to-date and with accessible data. By accessing our tool, you receive transparency and reliable information on the current performance of your products - all collected in one place and conveniently available as a download.


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360° PPC Report

All the important KPIs are recorded at ASIN level, competitors are monitored, and daily adjustments are made. From impressions, ACOS, ROAS or ad spend, everything is traceable. The cards are dealt out in the open.

360° DSP Report

This report shows all relevant KPIs along the DSP Platform sales funnel and provides detailed information on each external site outside of Amazon.

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Content Monitoring

We keep an eye on the content. Every day, we monitor your listings on Amazon and receive notifications about content changes, whether titles, bullet points or A+ content, so that we can react immediately.

Business Summary

We are providing you with a quick at-a-glance summary of key sales and ads metrics for Vendor and Seller Central.

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Improved decision making

The key to success in e-commerce lies in data-driven analysis and AI-based recommendations for action. Our software helps to make better decisions strategically and in day-to-day business. This saves costs and increases sales.

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