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Advertising for Amazon

Reach and win customers with PPC and DSP

The variety of Amazon Advertising opportunities

Amazon offers a variety of advertising options specifically designed to increase the visibility of your products and boost your sales. We guide you through these options and the best strategies to ensure your success. With our expertise, we help you reach potential buyers and successfully promote your products. We offer real-time insights and optimization options to maximize the success of your advertising.

Sponsored ads (PPC)

With Sponsored Ads campaigns such as Pay-Per-Click, you increase the visibility of products and drive more traffic to product detail pages. The display is controlled via keywords and the ads are displayed in different positions on Amazon. Amazon PPC Ads only incur costs when the ad is clicked on.

Sponsored products

Sponsored Products campaigns are PPC campaigns that serve to drive more traffic to the product detail page. Sponsored Products campaigns help to increase the visibility of products.

Sponsored brands

Sponsored brands ads are keyword and product-driven PPC ads. They generate more attention for the brand and help to increase brand awareness and sales.

Sponsored display

Sponsored Display Ads are targeted PPC ads to address users who have already viewed products but have not yet purchased, or who show interest in certain products/categories.

Sponsored video

Sponsored Video Ads campaigns are attention-grabbing ads in film or video form. They create above-average attention for your products and help to drive more traffic to the product detail page.

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Amazon Demand Side Plattform

Amazon is not the only website where you can reach your target group. To reach potential customers outside the Amazon platform, Amazon offers "Amazon DSP" or "Programmatic Advertising". With our own DSP entity and our programmatic advertising team, we offer you the opportunity to occupy advertising space on websites outside Amazon and thus expand the visibility of your products.

Why DSP? - The advantages

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Attract attention

With display and video advertising, we help companies to attract the attention of potential customers. Visual elements and videos increase attention compared to text-only ads. In a highly competitive environment, DSP offers a considerable advantage.

Increase brand awareness

We increase your brand awareness through appealing display and video advertising. Visual elements can help to convey memorable messages and strengthen the brand image.

Present products

With video advertising, we present your products in an appealing and informative way. This helps potential customers better understand which products your company offers and how they can benefit from them.

Addressing target groups and increasing conversion rates

By addressing specific target groups and using effective targeting, display and video advertising can also increase conversion rates. Visual elements encourage users to click on the ad and take the desired action, i.e. make a purchase.

Measurable results

Digital advertising offers the opportunity to measure and analyze results in real time. To measure ad performance for businesses, we look at metrics such as click-through rate and conversion rate and monitor impressions to optimize your campaign accordingly.

target groups

We target the right audience based on shopping behavior, age, interests and many other criteria.

Strategic analysis

With Amazon Audience Insights, we gain data-based insights into the target group and open up new groups of buyers.


Amazon guarantees a secure advertising environment via the Amazon network through technical and external solutions.

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