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About the Marktplatzkomplizen

Moin, we are the Marktplatzkomplizen

We are a specialized e-commerce agency for Amazon in the heart of Hamburg. Our team consists of experienced advertisers, SEO experts, content creators, brand strategists and data analysts who are passionate about e-commerce. We operate nationally and internationally and focus holistically on the world's most important retail platform: Amazon.


Our target

We want to help companies achieve holistic and sustainable growth on Amazon marketplaces worldwide. To achieve this, we use brand experience, retail media services and data-driven strategies in our day-to-day business.

The team

Porträt Marktplatzkomplize Andreas
Porträt Marktplatzkomplizin Sarah
Porträt Marktplatzkomplize Jan
Porträt Marktplatzkomplize Vikash
Porträt Marktplatzkomplizin Marie
Porträt Marktplatzkomplize Timo
Porträt Marktplatzkomplize Jens
Porträt Marktplatzkomplize Merlin
Porträt Marktplatzkomplize Rene
Porträt Marktplatzkomplizin Christina
Porträt Marktplatzkomplize Jannis
Mitarbeiterfoto Fiete

Passionate, strategic, target-oriented

Our team is like a family: we are passionate about e-commerce, trust each other, are communicative, stick together and always have a common goal. Teamwork, flat hierarchies, caring cooperation and clear communication are our top priorities in order to achieve maximum performance.

Together, we deliver concentrated expertise in the Amazon cosmos and find a solution to every problem quickly and efficiently. With a lot of passion, strategy and the necessary capacities, we help companies to succeed on Amazon - in Germany, Europe and worldwide.

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