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Accountmanagement & monitoring

In the fast-moving world of Amazon, it is important to react quickly to changes, problems and innovations. That's why we offer you customized management of your Amazon account, which is characterized by attention to detail and in-depth knowledge.

We take control

Whether uploading product data, opening support cases, managing customer feedback or optimizing your product range, we manage your Amazon Seller or Amazon Vendor account. This enables us to respond to problems as quickly as possible and find solutions. We also regularly check the performance of your account, ensure a healthy balance between sell-in and sell-out and take a look at account development. We provide transparent data analysis, including sales figures, customer interactions and stock levels.

Content management

Careful content management is the key component to success on the Amazon marketplace. We take care of the design and maintenance of high-quality content for you, with the aim of increasing the visibility and attractiveness of product listings.

Creation of product listings: We develop convincing and SEO-optimized product descriptions, A+ and Premium A+ content as well as headlines that not only inform, but also encourage people to buy.
High-quality images: An appealing presentation of products is essential. We ensure that images and graphics meet professional standards and present the products in the best possible way.

A/B testing and optimization: Through continuous testing and adjustments, we ensure that the content is always up to date.
Brand store development: To create brand presence, we build a brand store for your products.
Deal management: Prime Day, Best Deal or Coupon: We know the seasonality of products and the Amazon annual calendar inside out and put together the best offers and prices for you.

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Up-to-date and retrievable data is always part of day-to-day business. Figures from advertising campaigns via PPC and DSP are transparent and directly comprehensible. With the help of data such as impressions, KPIs ACOS and ROAS, we create a summary of the most important sales and ads metrics. This gives you all the important data at a glance.

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