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Amazon and e-commerce in UK

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom (UK) has the most developed e-commerce market in Europe. There are nearly 60 million e-commerce users in the country and only a handful of the population does not shop digitally. As a result, e-commerce has undoubtedly become the norm for all UK shoppers.

Short Facts

Payment methods

The most popular payment methods are debit cards and credit cards.

E-Commerce Turnover

In Britain, e-commerce holds a market share of just under 30% of total retail sales.


Consumers from 20 - 50 years of age represent the largest buyer group.


The e-commerce industry expects a 7% increase by 2027.

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E-Commerce in the UK

The largest e-commerce platforms are Amazon, Elcorteingles and eBay.


The UK is an extremely attractive market for e-commerce: the population speaks English, has a penchant for the Internet and likes to spend money online - on both domestic and foreign goods. However, Brexit has made dealing with British customers somewhat more difficult.

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