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Amazon & e-commerce in Canada


E-commerce in Canada is booming and is hardly inferior to its neighbor the USA in this respect. As early as 2019, eight out of ten Canadians were using the internet for purchases. In particular, good internet coverage is contributing to this success story; as of 2021, 94% of Canadian households have access to the internet. In a ranking of countries with the fastest internet connection, Canada landed in sixth place, far ahead of Germany.

Short Facts

Payment methods

Similar to the U.S., Canadians prefer to pay for their online purchases with a credit card.

E-commerce Turnover

E-commerce sales will total around EUR 54.24 billion in 2023.


The size of the country and the remote regions pose a challenge for e-commerce providers.


Knapp die Hälfte aller Kanadier kaufen Online.

E-commerce in Canada

The e-commerce market is primarily dominated by major players amazon, walmart, kijiji, ebay and the Costco retail chain.

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As a prosperous and highly developed country with a high affinity for the Internet, Canada is an interesting market for German e-commerce providers. Canadian customers are similar to their U.S. neighbors in their preferences and needs.


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