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Amazon in
South America

Amazon has successfully expanded its global reach to South America, a region characterized by a dynamic and fast-growing e-commerce landscape. By entering the South American market, Amazon has not only changed the way consumers shop, but also created a platform for local businesses and international brands to bring their products to a wider audience. This page is dedicated to exploring Amazon's expansion and influence in South America, starting with its launch in Brazil, the region's largest market, followed by its gradual expansion into other countries.

Facts about Amazon in South America

Rio de Janeiro in Brasilien
Amazon & e-commerce in Brasilia

In South America, Amazon has only been available in Brazil since 2012, but is also used by neighboring countries. The initial focus was on e-books and Kindle devices, but in 2014 Amazon expanded its product range to include physical books, electronics, household goods, fashion and much more.

More about Amazon in Brasilia
More about Amazon in Brasilia