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Amazon and e-commerce in Brazil

Online markets in Brazil

It is no longer a secret that Brazil has become an economic giant. The e-commerce market in Brazil is the largest in Latin America and ranks 10th worldwide. It is interesting to note that almost half of Brazilian online shoppers also buy from foreign companies. In principle, German companies in Brazil can benefit from a good reputation. However, if you advertise German or European quality, the product must also meet these high expectations.

Facts about e-commerce in Brazil

Payment methods

In Brazil, payment is usually made online using credit or debit cards. Local payment methods such as Boleto Bancário are also popular and allow people without a bank account to make online purchases.

E-commerce sales

The volume of e-commerce amounted to around 34.76 billion euros in 2022. According to Statista, this corresponds to growth of 17.2%. By comparison, the average growth rate is 9.7 percent. 


In Brazil, the younger generations of millennials and Generation Z are the most active shoppers. People in urban areas with internet access and the middle and upper income classes tend to store online.

Most popular sectors

Certain product categories dominate online retail in Brazil. These include fashion and accessories, electronics and household appliances, as well as health and beauty products.

E-commerce-websites in Brazil

The most successful e-commerce websites in Brazil include Americanas, OLX and Amazon, followed by Magazine Luiza, Casas Bahia and Netshoes.


Entering the Brazilian market involves a number of hurdles. It probably makes sense to serve the country if you have a presence in Brazil and organize warehousing and shipping locally. Brazil is therefore not a market that can be conquered "on the side", but it undoubtedly has great potential. It will be exciting with the Mercosur trade agreement, which will be decisive for economic cooperation.

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