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Amazon Rufus:
New AI to enhance the
enhance the shopping experience

Amazon announced on February 1, 2024 the launch of Rufus, a groundbreaking, generative AI-powered shopping assistant that takes the online shopping experience for customers to a new level. Rufus, which is based on Amazon's extensive product catalog, customer reviews, community questions and answers, and information from across the web, is designed to help customers with a variety of shopping needs and questions, make comparisons and provide contextual recommendations.

From "What to consider when buying running shoes?" to comparisons such as "What are the differences between trail and road shoes?", everything is possible. Rufus also addresses more specific questions such as "Are they durable?". With Rufus, customers can better research products and ask direct questions, buy products by occasion and purpose, and get recommendations and help comparing product categories.

Availability of Amazon Rufus: Beta version launches in the USA

Rufus will initially be introduced as a beta version for a small group of customers in the Amazon mobile app and will gradually be made available to other customers in the USA in the coming weeks. This new feature will allow customers to conduct comprehensive product research, search for products by occasion or purpose, compare product categories and get the best recommendations for their specific needs - all within the familiar Amazon shopping experience. The development of Rufus underscores Amazon's commitment to using generative AI to improve the customer experience. Over the past year, Amazon has already introduced a number of generative AI-powered features, including AI-generated review highlights and personalized sizing advice, to help customers make informed buying decisions faster and more efficiently.

Rufus creates a new shopping experience

With Rufus, Amazon is extending its leadership in artificial intelligence and offering customers an unprecedented shopping experience. Customers are invited to test the beta version of Rufus by updating their Amazon shopping app and starting to type their questions into the search bar. Amazon encourages users to leave feedback to further improve Rufus and optimize the shopping experience for all customers. The potential of generative AI to transform virtually all customer experiences is only just beginning. Amazon looks forward to rolling out Rufus to more customers in the coming weeks and continuing to push the boundaries of what is possible in online shopping.

The launch of Rufus marks another milestone in Amazon's 25+ year history of using artificial intelligence to improve the customer experience. From personalized recommendations to optimizing logistics paths to the latest generative AI features that make shopping easier and more convenient, Amazon continues its tradition of innovation.

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